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List of Symposia

Click the links below to see the description and contact information of the organizers of each symposium.

Symposium 1: Mathematical issues in multiscale materials modeling

Organized by: Weinan E, Max Gunzburger, Mitchell Luskin, and Rich Lehoucq

Symposium 2: Statistical methods for materials deformation and failure

Organized by: Stefano Zapperi, M.-Carmen Miguel, Mikko Alava, Istevan Groma

Symposium 3: Multiscale mechanics

Organized by: Tom Arsenlis, Peter Chung, Marc Geers, Yoji Shibutani

Symposium 4: Multiscale modeling of microstructure evolution in materials

Organized by: Dieter Wolf, Jeff Simmons, Simon Philpot, Anter El-Azab, Daniel Weygand

Symposium 5: Computational materials design

Organized by: Zi-Kui Liu, Hamid Garmestani, Moe Khaleel, Mei Li

Symposium 6: Multiscale modeling of radiation effects in materials

Organized by: Pascal Bellon, Fei Gao, Syo Matsumura, Roger Stoller

Symposium 7: Computational modeling of biological and soft condensed matter systems

Organized by: Jeffery G. Saven, Wei Yang, T.P. Straatsma

Symposium 8: Defects in materials -- Honoring Professor Nasr Ghoniem on the occasion of his 60th birthday

Organized by: Ladislas Kubin, Steve Zinkle, Shahram Sharafat, Hanchen Huang, Anter El-Azab

Symposium 9: Elasticity to atomistics: predictive modeling of defect behavior -- Honoring Professor David J. Bacon on the occasion of his retirement from the University of Liverpool

Organized by: Yury N. Osetskiy, Ron O. Scattergood, Anna M. Serra, Roger E. Stoller