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Aim and Scope

The overarching theme of the MMM-2008 conference is "Tackling Materials Complexities via Computational Science." This theme selection reflects the intimate connection between multiscale materials modeling and the wider field of computational science. It also reflects the level of maturity that the field of multiscale materials research has come to. The MMM-2008 conference encourages participation from academia, national laboratories, and industrial research facilities worldwide. The conference scope spans topics ranging from basic multiscale modeling principles all the way to computational materials design using the computational tools developed based upon these principles. The conference solicits theoretical, computational, and experimental contributions addressing one or more of the multiscale materials modeling issues in the following topical areas:

  • Mathematical basis for multiscale modeling of materials

  • Statistical frameworks for multiscale materials modeling

  • Mechanics of materials across time and length scales

  • Multiscale modeling of microstructure evolution in materials

  • Defects in materials

  • Computational materials design based on multiscale and multi-level modeling principles

  • Multiscale modeling of radiation effects in materials and materials response under extreme conditions

  • Multiscale modeling of bio and soft matter systems

The first five topical areas are intended to cover the theoretical and computational basis for multiscale modeling of materials; the sixth topical area is intended to demonstrate the technological importance and industrial potential of multiscale materials modeling techniques, and to stimulate academia-laboratory-industrial interactions; the last two topical areas highly overlap with the earlier ones, yet they bring to this conference distinct materials phenomena and modeling problems with unique multiscale modeling approaches.