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Registration Window

The registration window for MMM-2008 is 15 June 2008 through 26 September 2008.

NOTE: All cancellations must be made by September 30th, 2008 and all cancellations will have a $100.00 processing fee deducted. Any cancellation after September 30th, 2008 will not be refunded.

Registration Fee

For participants registering during the time window above, the fees are as follows:

Regular registration $600
Organizer/invited speaker $500
Student $400

NOTE: A late-registration fee of $75 will be applied after 26 September 2008. For students, the late-registration fee will be $50.

Registration Directions for MMM-2008

Introduction: These directions outline the steps involved in registering for the MMM-2008 Conference on October 27-31, 2008 at the Leon County Civic Center. Please note that this event is being organized and monitored by Florida State University personnel through an FSU department. As such, there is some information in the registration form relating to the academic domain, but that does not pertain to this event. All items in Bold are required. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered in the registration. Please contact the Registration Monitor with any questions or concerns or to register via phone. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

  • Page 1. Will ask for your first and last name and your social security number. (if you use your social security number skip to Page 6 instructions) For those who would prefer not to or cannot use a social security number, please click on the icon that states "No Social Security Number?"

  • Page 2. Is an explanation concerning Continuing Education Units. These do not pertain to this event. Please click on "Agree" at the bottom of the page.

  • Page 3. Will ask for your first and last name and your date of birth. You will then click on "Assign My FSU Identification Number".

  • Page 4. Will display your assigned FSU Identification number.

  • Page 5. Will ask for some personal contact information. Only items in bold are required. Click on "Next Step" at the bottom of the page when done.

  • Page 6. Will ask for personal information pertaining to the conference itself. Items in bold are required. Click on "Next Step" at the bottom of the page when done.

  • Page 7. Will show your selected registration option. Click "Update Subtotal" and "Register".

  • Page 8. Will be a receipt. Continue to next page.

  • Page 9. Will ask you to select a payment option. Continue to the next page.

You will then be sent to FSU's payment website which is www.fees.fsu.edu. If you wish to pay online at a later date, go directly to this website and select the option that states "Other customers and non-credit students". The following page will ask for your customer number which is your social security number or assigned social security number. The third page will display your balance. You can pay from this page.

Registration Link

To continue to see the above directions when registering, we recommend that you right click on the above link and select "Open Link in New Window."

Registration Monitor