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Dr. Ben C. Larson

Materials Science & Technology Division
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
Phone: 865-574-5506

Bennett C. Larson is a Corporate Fellow in the Materials Science & Technology Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He was Group Leader for X-Ray Diffraction in the Condensed Matter Sciences and Solid State Divisions at ORNL from 1973-2006 and Section Head from 1990-2003. His current research interests are in the development of submicron-resolution 3D x-ray microscopy using synchrotron x-rays for fundamental investigations of materials microstructure and evolution on mesoscopic length scales, including direct comparison with deformation modeling. Other research interests include microsecond-resolution time-resolved x-ray studies of pulsed-laser deposition film growth and inelastic x-ray scattering investigations of the dynamical electronic structure of strongly correlated materials. Larson was a guest scientist at the Jülich Forschungscentrum, Jülich, Germany during 1974. He was a recipient of the 1974 Sidhu Award by the Pittsburgh Diffraction Society and he received the 1985 Bertram Warren Diffraction Physics Award by the American Crystallographic Association for nanosecond-resolution synchrotron x-ray measurements of pulsed-laser melting in Si. He joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1969 after receiving a PhD in Physics from the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. Larson can be reached by phone at 865-574-5506 and by e-mail at larsonbc@ornl.gov.

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